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 [[!template id=port  [[!template id=port
 port="hpcsh"  port="hpcsh"
 cur_rel="6.0"    cur_rel="9.0"
 future_rel="7.0"  future_rel="10.0"
 changes_cur="6.0"  pkg_rel="8.0"
 changes_future="7.0"  changes_cur="9.0"
 thumbnail="http://www.netbsd.org/images/ports/hpcsh/jornada690.gif"  changes_future="10.0"
 about="""  about="""
 NetBSD/hpcsh brings the NetBSD operating system to  NetBSD/hpcsh brings the NetBSD operating system to
 [HITACHI](http://www.hitachi.com/) [Super-H  [HITACHI](http://www.hitachi.com/) [Super-H
Line 28  supported_hardware=""" Line 29  supported_hardware="""
 ## Supported System Models  ## Supported System Models
 Many kinds of H/PC, H/PC Pro, and PsPC systems are supported by  Many kinds of H/PC, H/PC Pro, and PsPC systems are supported by
 NetBSD/hpcsh. View [the supported system table](#supported) to see if  NetBSD/hpcsh. View [[the supported system table|hpcsh_support_status]] to see if
 your system is supported.  your system is supported.
 ## Supported Processors  
 sh3 processors are supported by NetBSD/hpcsh. View [the processor  
 comparison table](#processors) to see if your processor is supported.  
 ## Support Status  ## Support Status
 [[Support Status list|sh_support_status]]  [[Support Status list|hpcsh_support_status]]
 """  """
 additional="""  additional="""
Line 51  additional=""" Line 47  additional="""
     3.0](http://msdn.microsoft.com/mobility/windowsmobile/downloads/default.aspx)      3.0](http://msdn.microsoft.com/mobility/windowsmobile/downloads/default.aspx)
 -   [SuperH RISC enabling Windows  -   [SuperH RISC enabling Windows
     CE](http://semiconductor.hitachi.com/windowsce/)      CE](http://semiconductor.hitachi.com/windowsce/)
   -   [NetBSD and handheld platforms (EuroBSDCon 2004)](http://www.stderr.spb.ru/~uwe/netbsd/jornada/netbsd-hpc-euro2004.pdf)
 """  """
 ]]  ]]

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