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 [[!template id=port  [[!template id=port
 port="hpcmips"  port="hpcmips"
 cur_rel="6.0"    port_alt="mips"
 future_rel="7.0"  cur_rel="9.2"
 changes_cur="6.0"  future_rel="10.0"
 changes_future="7.0"  pkg_rel="6.0"
 thumbnail="http://www.netbsd.org/images/ports/hpcmips/clio+c55.gif"  changes_cur="9.0"
 about="""  about="""
   NetBSD/hpcmips brings the NetBSD operating system to MIPS based Windows CE PDA
   machines. Currently, the VR4102, VR4111, VR4121, VR4122, VR4131, TX3912, and
   TX3922 processors are supported.
   The port name "hpcmips" comes from the name for some of the hardware that
   NetBSD/hpcmips runs on: MIPS based systems in Microsoft's H/PC (Handheld PC)
   form factor. A H/PC machine contains a keyboard and a touch screen and generally
   has 8MB or more of RAM. The port supports the HPC form factor, as well as the
   H/PC Pro and PsPC (Palmsized PC) form factors. (Many PsPC machines are used by
   the developers for active development.)
   Because of the hardware platforms it supports, NetBSD/hpcmips is an ideal
   platform to use for mobile computing applications. And, of course,
   NetBSD/hpcmips supports all of the standard features you expect from NetBSD,
   such as IPv6 and IPsec.
 """  """
 supported_hardware="""  supported_hardware="""
   ## Supported System Models
   Many kinds of H/PC, H/PC Pro, and PsPC systems are supported by NetBSD/hpcmips.
   View the [[supported machines table|supported_machines]] to see if your system
   is supported.
   ## Supported Processors
   VR4102, VR4111, VR4121, VR4131, TX3912, and TX3922 processors are supported by
   NetBSD/hpcmips. View the processor comparison table to see if your processor is
   * [[Processor Comparison|processor_comparison]]
   * [[Supported Machines|supported_machines]]
   ## Keyboard map search method for unknown machines
   * Boot in single user mode.
   * Press keys and note the KeyScanCode's.
   * Fill vr/vrkiu.c default_keytrans[] with scancode, dev/pckbc/wskbdmap_mfii.c:pckbd_keydesc_us[] is KeyCodeMapping.
   * Send feedback with your results using [[!template id=man name="send-pr" section="1"]] (port-hpcmips category).
   * [Keymap information](keymap.txt) is here</a>.
 """  """
 additional="""  additional="""
 - [Kei's Linux-VR Home Page (in Japanese)](http://pc1.peanuts.gr.jp/~kei/linux-vr.htm)  - [Kei's Linux-VR Home Page (in Japanese)](http://pc1.peanuts.gr.jp/~kei/linux-vr.htm)
 - [FAQ](hpcmips/faq)  - [Linux-VR Resources](http://pc1.peanuts.gr.jp/~kei/linux-vr.htm)
 - [How-To Use](hpcmips/howto-use)  - [[FAQ|faq]]
 - [How-To Develop](hpcmips/howto-develop)  - [[How-To Use|howto-use]]
 - [TODO](hpcmips/todo)  - [[How-To Develop|howto-develop]]
 - [Binary Compatibility](hpcmips/compat-pmax)  - [[TODO|todo]]
 - [IPv6 and IPsec](hpcmips/pocketv6)  - [[Binary Compatibility|compat-pmax]]
   - [[IPv6 and IPsec|pocketv6]]
   - [NetBSD/hpcmips mailing list (Japanese language)](http://www.jp.NetBSD.org/ja/JP/ml.html#port-hpcmips-ja)
 """  """
 ]]  ]]
 [[!tag tier2port]]  [[!tag tier2port]]

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