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[[!meta title="NetBSD/evbarm on Raspberry Pi"]]


This page attempts to document and coordinate efforts towards NetBSD/evbarm on [Raspberry Pi](

(Raspberry Pi [image]( by Christopher Lee used under CC-By-2.0 license)

# Installation
 - You may use the rpi.img file created by an arm build.
   - An example can be found in the '/evbarm/binary/gzimg/' directory under
     - <i>gunzip and dd</i> this img to your sd card.

 - Growing the root file-system
   - Copy /boot/cmdline.txt to /boot/cmdline.txt.orig
   - Edit /boot/cmdline.txt and add the '-s' flag to the end of the first line of text.
   - Reboot, and at the prompt to enter the passname of shell, press
	   return for the default (/bin/sh).
   - At the # prompt, type

        "disklabel -i ld0" and press return.
   - At the partition> prompt

           type "A" and press return. You will see
   - a message like:

           Adjust disklabel sector from 4194304 to 62333952 [n]?
           Type "y" and press return.
   - partition> prompt

           type "a" and press return.
           Filesystem type prompt, press return to use the current value (4.2BSD).
           Start offset prompt, press return to use the current value.
           Partition size prompt, type "$" and press return to grow the
           partition to use all available free space.

   - partition> prompt

           type "W" to save the changes to the disklabel.
           Confirm this choice by typing "y" at the Label disk prompt.
           Type "Q" and press return to quit disklabel.
   - At the # prompt, type

           fsck -fy /dev/rld0a
           resize_ffs -y /dev/rld0a
   - This may take a few minutes, be patient!

           fsck -fy /dev/rld0a
           mount /dev/ld0e /boot
           mv /boot/cmdline.txt.orig /boot/cmdline.txt
    - When the system comes back up, the root file-system will have been expanded to
	   fill the SD card.

# Updating the firmware
 - [rpi firmware files](
   - Copy all files except 'kernel*img' into /boot and reboot

# Additional links
 - [ARM userland utilities](
 - [Additional kernel drivers for VCHIQ](

# What works
 - multi-user boot with root on SD card
 - serial or graphics console (with EDID query / parsing)
 - X windows.
 - USB (host); control, interrupt and bulk transfers. Has some stability issues that are being worked on. man page missing.
 - USB Ethernet
 - RNG: works
 - I²C: works, could use enhancements, man page
 - SPI: works, could use enhancements, man page

# What needs work
 - VCHIQ; work in progress - will provide audio.
 - USB (host); isochronous transfers. DMA support.
 - DMA controller driver / dmover(9) backend
 - Teach sdhc(4) about dmover; not Raspberry Pi specific
 - hardfloat; not Raspberry Pi specific
 - earm ABI; not Raspberry Pi specific

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