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 ## Testing with anita and qemu  ## Testing with anita and qemu
 anita has support for evbarm.  Install qemu and dtb-arm-vexpress from pkgsrc.  Note that the release subdirectory should be evbarm-earmv6hf or evbarm-earmv7hf.  See the anita section in [[the evbarm page|../evbarm]]
 \todo It is not currently known and documented how to configure qemu and anita to emulate a RPI in general or a specific RPI model.  It is not currently known how to emulate a RPI in qemu, and therefore anita does not yet have support for this.  \todo Add a command-line example to run qemu emulating some RPI model.
 \todo Explain about how DTB works.  
 \todo Give a command line example to run qemu (without anita).  

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