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[[!meta title="NetBSD/evbarm under QEMU"]]

This page attempts to document running NetBSD/evbarm under the
[QEMU]( open source processor emulator.
This can be extremely useful for development and testing.

This is a placeholder until useful information gets added; once that
is done, it should be linked to the port/evbarm page.

# Introduction
 - general notes for what works and what doesn't go here.

# Requirements
 - information on what is needed (QEMU versions known to work or not,
   pointers to how to install via pkgsrc or whatever)
 - also information on which evbarm kernels are known to be able to boot
   under QEMU.

# Booting and Installation
 - maybe some information about how to actually boot a kernel, first
 - how to get networking/etc working
 - what kinds of userland are supported and how to get there. 

# Using QEMU to debug the kernel
 - there is info elsewhere on the wiki about this; maybe adapt to ARM
   and link?

# Additional links

# What works

# What needs work

# more info

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