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Line 166  gpioctl gpio4 sys_led off Line 166  gpioctl gpio4 sys_led off
 gpioctl gpio4 sys_led toggle  gpioctl gpio4 sys_led toggle
 """]]  """]]
   # U-Boot Environment
   To read/write U-Boot environment variables from NetBSD, download and compile the following program: <http://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/jmcneill/odroidc1/uenv.c>
 # Documentation  # Documentation
 Amlogic S805 datasheet: <http://dn.odroid.com/S805/Datasheet/S805_Datasheet%20V0.8%2020150126.pdf>  Amlogic S805 datasheet: <http://dn.odroid.com/S805/Datasheet/S805_Datasheet%20V0.8%2020150126.pdf>

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