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Mon Nov 19 13:54:45 2018 UTC (5 years ago) by leot
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Add a wiki page intended to document step-by-step how to install NetBSD/evbarm
via sysinst(8) (starting from a (u)SD card populated via armv7.img).

Still completely full of TODO! (Hopefully they will be all addressed soon)

[[!meta title="NetBSD/evbarm install via sysinst(8) on a SATA hard disk, USB stick or (u)SD card"]]

In this document we will see step by step how to install NetBSD/evbarm on an
external media (SATA hard disk, USB stick or (u)SD card) using
[[!template id=man name="sysinst" section="8"]].

# Populating (u)SD card with `armv7.img`

*TODOleot*: (mostly) copy-paste instructions from allwinner.mdwn

*TODOleot*: Adjust/provide u-boot incantantions to boot on a BPI

# Installing via sysinst(8)

*TODOleot*: include all sysinst(8) "screenshot"

*TODOleot*: add a reference to The NetBSD Guide for further steps of the

*TODOleot*: add information how to populate `/boot` and prepare `boot.cmd`,

# References

*TODOleot*: add a reference to the instructions shared via PR port-evbarm/50806.

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