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[[!meta title="NetBSD/evbarm on Apple Silicon"]]

Initial support was added to NetBSD -current for Apple M1 systems on Aug 30, 2021.

# Installation

Please note that installation on an Apple M1 requires macOS 11.2 or later to be installed first.

- Uncompress and write it to a USB drive.

- Build and install `sysutils/u-boot-apple-m1` from pkgsrc.
   - The bootloader will be installed to `/usr/pkg/share/u-boot/apple-m1/u-boot.macho`.

- Boot the M1 system into 1TR mode by holding the power button at startup. Until the "Loading startup options..." message is displayed, then select Options.
   - In the Utilities menu, select Terminal to bring up a root shell.

- Downgrade security and disable SIP. (If you get any errors while doing this, first run `csrutil clear`, reboot, and try again)
    - `# bputil -nkcas`
    - `# csrutil disable`

- Copy the u-boot.macho from pkgsrc to the mini over the network (curl, sftp, etc).

- Install the new bootloader:
    - `# kmutil configure-boot -c u-boot.macho -C -v /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/`

- Reboot with a USB drive plugged in.

# Supported hardware
- Apple Mac mini (M1, 2020)
    - SMP
    - Interrupt controller
    - IOMMU
    - PCIe
        - USB
        - Ethernet
    - Framebuffer console

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