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Line 139  Then start two copies of usbhidaction: Line 139  Then start two copies of usbhidaction:
 # /usr/bin/usbhidaction -c /etc/usbhidaction.conf -f /dev/uhid1 -i -p /var/run/usbhidaction-uhid1.pid   # /usr/bin/usbhidaction -c /etc/usbhidaction.conf -f /dev/uhid1 -i -p /var/run/usbhidaction-uhid1.pid 
 """]]  """]]
   ## Pinebook keyboard
   The new 11" 1080p model has a slightly different keyboard layout to the 14".
   Using wscons it works perfectly, but using X the \ key next to left shift will display > when pressed.
   To solve this, you need to change the keyboard layout to altgr-intl. This can be done system wide by creating the file:
   [[!template  id=filecontent name="/etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/00-system-keyboard.conf" text="""
   Section "InputDevice"
           Identifier "Pinebook 1080p keyboard"
           Driver     "kbd"
           XkbLayout  "us"
           XkbVariant "altgr-intl"
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