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Line 104  On some television models, the borders o Line 104  On some television models, the borders o
     setenv video-mode sunxi:1280x720-24,overscan_x=32,overscan_y=20      setenv video-mode sunxi:1280x720-24,overscan_x=32,overscan_y=20
     saveenv      saveenv
     reset      reset
   ## Pinebook function keys
   The sleep (Fn+Esc), home (Fn+F1), volume down (Fn+F3), volume up (Fn+F4), and mute (Fn+F5) keys on the keyboard are mapped to uhid(4) devices.
   Create the following config file:
   [[!template  id=filecontent name="/etc/usbhidaction.conf" text="""
   Consumer:Consumer_Control.Consumer:Volume_Up                    1
           mixerctl -n -w outputs.master++
   Consumer:Consumer_Control.Consumer:Volume_Down                  1
           mixerctl -n -w outputs.master--
   Consumer:Consumer_Control.Consumer:Mute                         1
           mixerctl -n -w outputs.mute++
   Consumer:Consumer_Control.Consumer:AC_Home                      1
           /etc/powerd/scripts/hotkey_button AC_Home pressed
   Generic_Desktop:System_Control.Generic_Desktop:System_Sleep     1
           /etc/powerd/scripts/sleep_button System_Sleep pressed
   Then start two copies of usbhidaction:
   [[!template  id=programlisting text="""
   # /usr/bin/usbhidaction -c /etc/usbhidaction.conf -f /dev/uhid0 -i -p /var/run/usbhidaction-uhid0.pid 
   # /usr/bin/usbhidaction -c /etc/usbhidaction.conf -f /dev/uhid1 -i -p /var/run/usbhidaction-uhid1.pid 

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