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 # Supported hardware  # Supported hardware
  - SoCs   - SoCs
    - Cortex-A8: A10     - Cortex-A8: A10
    - Cortex-A7: A20, A31     - Cortex-A7: A20, A31 SoCs
  - SD/MMC controller   - SD/MMC controller
  - DMA controller   - DMA controller
  - GPIO   - GPIO
Line 50  uenvcmd=mmc dev 0; mmc rescan; fatload m Line 50  uenvcmd=mmc dev 0; mmc rescan; fatload m
 ## A31 based boards  ## A31 based boards
   ## Big (endian) fun
   You can run this boards with a little endian (this is the default and implied by above install instructions)
   or with a big endian kernel and userland. However, kernel and userland endianess needs to match.
   To build a big endian release (or sets) use 
   [[!template  id=programlisting text="""
   ./build.sh -m evbearmv7hf-eb 
   where -eb means endianes big, hf is hardware floating point support, and earm is the modern "extended" ABI for ARM cpus, and finally v7 is version 7 of the supported instruction set.

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