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 Matt Thomas is the maintainer of NetBSD/evbarm.  Matt Thomas is the maintainer of NetBSD/evbarm.
   ### CPU types
   The evbarm port can be built with a variety of CPU options.  There are
   three main variables: the instruction set, the endianness, and whether
   there is hardware floating point.  By default the CPU type is "earm",
   and this implies little endian (el when explicitly stated), and soft
   (emulated) floating point.  Another example, suitable for Raspberry PI
   2, is earmv7hf, which is the v7 instruction set, little endian,
   and hardware floating point.
   Typically, various boards are best compiled with a CPU type that
   matches the board's CPU and floating point support, but generally a
   lower CPU instruction set version is workable on a newer board.  See
   build.sh and look for aliases for the evbarm port.
   ### Kernels and userland
   The evbarm userland can be used on any system that can run code of the
   CPU type used for the build.  Typically, a particular board requires a
   kernel for that board.
 ### Board specific information  ### Board specific information
  - [[Allwinner sunxi family SoCs|Allwinner]]   - [[Allwinner sunxi family SoCs|Allwinner]]
  - [[BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black|BeagleBone]]   - [[BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black|BeagleBone]]
  - [[NVIDIA Jetson TK1|Tegra]]   - [[NVIDIA Tegra|Tegra]]
  - [[ODROID C1 and C1+|ODROID-C1]]   - [[ODROID C1 and C1+|ODROID-C1]]
  - [[Raspberry Pi 1, 2 and 3|Raspberry Pi]]   - [[Raspberry Pi 1, 2 and 3|Raspberry Pi]]

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