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 [[!template id=port  [[!template id=port
 port="evbarm"  port="evbarm"
 port_alt="arm"  port_alt="arm"
 cur_rel="7.0"    cur_rel="7.0"  
 future_rel="7.0"  future_rel="7.0"
 changes_cur="6.0"  changes_cur="6.0"
Line 16  Matt Thomas is the maintainer of NetBSD/ Line 23  Matt Thomas is the maintainer of NetBSD/
 ### Board specific information  ### Board specific information
  - [[BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black|BeagleBone]]   - [[BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black|BeagleBone]]
  - [[Cubieboard 2, Cubietruck, Cubieboard 4, and other Allwinner boards|Allwinner]]   - [[Cubieboard 2, Cubietruck, Cubieboard 4, Banana Pi, and other Allwinner boards|Allwinner]]
  - [[NVIDIA Jetson TK1|Tegra]]   - [[NVIDIA Jetson TK1|Tegra]]
  - [[ODROID C1 and C1+|ODROID-C1]]   - [[ODROID C1 and C1+|ODROID-C1]]
  - [[Raspberry Pi and Pi 2|Raspberry Pi]]   - [[Raspberry Pi and Pi 2|Raspberry Pi]]

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