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Update for the 9.2 release

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NetBSD/atari is the port of NetBSD to the Atari line of personal computers.
Development activity on NetBSD/atari continues at a speed dependent on people's
spare time. Currently, NetBSD/atari runs on the TT030, Falcon and Hades.
Experimental support is available for the Milan.
A minimal system should have a 68030 CPU, 4MB RAM (of which 2MB can be ST-RAM)
and a SCSI or IDE disk. An FPU is not really necessary because the BOOT and
BOOTX kernels supplied in the distribution both contain FPU-emulation support.
Although the current emulation does not yet cover the full MC68882 instruction
set, you will see that you will get a very workable system.

* ST and TT video modes, including TT-HIGH
* Falcon video (except Direct Color - 15/16 bit depth)
* Hades et4000/w32-pci video adapter
* Hades et6000-pci and et6100-pci video adapter
* Builtin 5380 SCSI adapter
* Most SCSI disks, CD-ROM's, tape's and ZIP drives
* Realtime clock
* SCC serial ports (serial2/modem2)
* 720Kb/1.44Mb floppy drive
* Parallel printer
* The IDE interface on both Falcon and Hades (Including ATAPI)
* The serial interface on the first 68901 UART (modem1)
* 68060 support for the Falcon (CT60/63) and Hades
* The Falcon FX memory expansion
* The atari mouse
* A 3-button mouse (see build description)
* EtherNEC Ethernet on ROM cartridge slot (-current)

* Supported VME-bus devices (TT030/Hades)
  * VME BVME410 Ethernet
  * Circad Leonardo 24-bit VME graphics adapter
  * Crazy Dots VME et4000 graphics adapter
  * VME Riebl (and possibly PAM) Ethernet
  * SMC Elite Ultra ISA Ethernet with SMC_TT VME-ISA bridge (-current)

* Supported Hades PCI-devices
  * Adaptec 2940U SCSI NOT (see the note below)
  * ESS Technology Inc. Solo-1 Soundcard
  * 3Com 3c59x Network card

* Supported Hades ISA-devices
  * I4BSD support for the teles 16.3 card
  * NE2000 compatible cards

* Supported Milan PCI-devices
  * Intel EtherExpress PRO 10+/100B

  > The Hades PCI bus is very critical. Many cards are not recognized. This
    seems to be due to electrical problems.
  > The current Adaptec driver does no longer work, unfortunately.
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