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NetBSD/arc is a port of NetBSD to the [MIPS]( processor
based computers which comply wih the
[Advanced RISC Computing (ARC) specification](
put together by the Advanced Computing Environment (ACE) Consortium in the early
1990's, as an alternative to Intel-based PC's.

This port originally started as NetBSD/pica port made by Per Fogelström,
and supersedes it. This port is also based on efforts done in [OpenBSD/arc](

Earlier pre-ARC MIPS machines are supported by the [NetBSD/mipsco](../mipsco/) port.

The portmaster is collecting detailed information on as many ARC implementation
variations as possible. An explanation of how to get internal details
[using Windows NT is available.](
###Supported System Models

* [Acer PICA](
* [MIPS Magnum 4000]( (comconsole only)
* NEC Image RISCstation (OEM of PICA)
* NEC Express RISCserver (NEC-R96)
* [NEC RISCserver 2200]( (NEC-R96)
* NEC RISCstation 2200 (NEC-R94)
* NEC RISCstation 2250 (NEC-RD94)
* [NEC Express5800/230]( R4400 PCI (NEC-JC94)
* [NEC Express5800/240]( R4400 EISA (NEC-J96A)
* DeskStation Tyne (unstable yet)

###Supported Peripherals

* SONIC ethernet interface (sn)
* NCR 53C94 SCSI controller (asc)
* floppy disk controller (fdc)
* Jazz VGA console (vga) (PICA and Image RISCstation)
* ISA VGA console (vga) (RISCserver 2200 and Express5800/240 R4400 EISA)
* TGA frame buffer (tga) (RISCstation 2250 and Express5800/230 R4400 PCI)
* 16x50 serial interface (com)
* NCR 53c700 SCSI controller (oosiop) (Express5800/240 R4400 EISA, RISCserver 2200 and RISCstation 22x0)
* NCR 53c710 SCSI controller (osiop) (Express5800/230 R4400 PCI)

* DeskStation rPC44 (needs hardware)
* SNI RM200/300/400/600 ([Linux/MIPS]( sources might help)
* NEC Express5800/230 R10000 PCI (NEC-J95) (needs chipset info)
* [NEC RISCserver 4200]( (NEC-R98) (needs chipset info)
* [Olivetti M700](
* EISA devices (ISA devices on EISA should work though)
* ISA DMA devices (including Buslogic SCSI) on Tyne
* VXL frame buffer (Magnum and RISCstation 2200)
* AD1848 audio

To support new machines, please [send info about your ARC machine](
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