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    1: [[!template id=port
    2: port="amd64"
    3: cur_rel="6.0"
    4: future_rel="7.0"
    5: changes_cur="6.0"
    6: changes_future="7.0"
    7: thumbnail=""
    8: about="""
    9: NetBSD/amd64 is a port to the AMD64 family of processors; it
   10: supports all other CPUs that implement the 64-bit x86
   11: architecture.  This includes both AMD and Intel models.
   13: NetBSD/amd64 is a true 64bit operating system. Running
   14: 32-bit NetBSD/i386 binaries is supported as well; see 
   15: <a href="">compat_netbsd32(8)</a>.
   17: The port was first committed to the NetBSD source tree as NetBSD/x86_64
   18: on June 19th, 2001 and  renamed to NetBSD/amd64 on April 26th, 2003.
   20: The original work to do this port was done by Frank van der Linden at
   21: <a class="ulink" href="" target="_top">Wasabi Systems</a>, assisted by
   22: <a class="ulink" href="" target="_top">AMD</a>, who provided the simulator
   23: (Simics VirtuHammer), pre-release hardware and access to a range
   24: of Opteron hardware through the
   25: <a class="ulink" href="" target="_top">AMD Developer Center</a>.
   27: The port is fully functional. It has been tested on single-CPU and
   28: multiprocessor (SMP) Opteron configurations. Since the <a class="ulink" href="../../releases/formal-2.0/NetBSD-2.0.html" target="_top">release of NetBSD 2.0</a>,
   29: it is a completely supported platform.
   30: """
   32: ]]
   33: [[!tag tier1port]]

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