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While here also update the ``pre-built binary packages from pkgsrc'' to 7.0.

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NetBSD/alpha is a true 64-bit system that fully implements the LP64 architecture,
using 64-bit pointers and 64-bit long integers (standard integers are still 32
bits) in a linear four terabyte (4TB) address space. NetBSD/alpha was the first
free OS to run on the Alpha and supports by far the largest number of alpha
system types of any free OS.

NetBSD runs on almost all of the existing alpha systems, including some of the
more unusual ones with proprietary or legacy bus architectures, such as the
large-scale 8400, all of the TURBOchannel systems, the 4100 series, and the
EISA-only Jensen.
###Supported System Models

* 264DP, [XP1000](,
  [DS20](, API UP2000, UP2000+
  and other Tsunami-based EV6 systems
* API UP1000 and UP1100 (AMD 751-based) EV6 systems
* DECpc AXP 150 (Jensen)
* [DEC 3000/500-family systems](
  (includes DEC 3000/400,600,700,800,900)
* DEC 3000/300-family systems
* [Digital AlphaStation 200](,
  and [400](
* Digital AXPpci systems (including UDB and Multia)
* EB64+-family systems (including Digital EB64+ and third-party AlphaPC 64
* EB66 Evaluation Board
* ALPHABook 1
* Digital AlphaStation 500 and 600 systems
* EB164-family systems (including Digital EB164 and third-party AlphaPC 164
* [Digital AlphaServer 8200 and 8400 systems](
* [Digital AlphaServer 4100 systems](
* [Digital AlphaServer 1000 systems](
* [Digital AlphaServer 1000A systems](
* [Digital AlphaServer 800 systems](
* [Digital Personal Workstation (``au'' series)](
* [Digital Server 330x systems](

For more information and notes regarding system models please read
[NetBSD/alpha: Notes on Supported System Models](

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