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NetBSD/acorn26 was the port of NetBSD to ARMv2 and ARMv2a machines, primarily the
Acorn Archimedes, A-series and R-series systems. These systems pre-date those
supported by NetBSD/acorn32 and use an earlier, incompatible version of the ARM

The port was removed in January 24 2018, and the last release was NetBSD 8.0.
It was likely dysfunctional in this release.

###Supported System Models

Note that NetBSD/acorn26 requires at least 8 Mb of RAM. Systems with less memory
than this will not currently work.

* Archimedes 305, 310 and 440
* R140
* Archimedes 410/1, 420/1 and 440/1 (untested)
* BBC A3000
* Archimedes 540
* R260 and R225 (untested)
* A5000
* A4 (untested)
* A3010 (untested)
* A3020
* A4000 (untested)
* Dave Gilbert's ArcEm

###Supported Peripherals

* On-board video (arcvideo)
* Keyboard/mouse (arckbd)
* Real-time clock (rtc)
* Econet module (eca)
* Machine-independent podulebus devices
* i-cubed EtherLan 100-, 200- and 500-series (EtherH) Ethernet (eh)

###On new machines:

* On-board IDE interface (wdc) supporting ATA and ATAPI devices.
* On-board serial port (com)
* On-board parallel port (lpt)
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