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[[!template id=port
NetBSD/aarch64 is a port to ARM's 64-bit CPUs and other compatible

Running 32-bit NetBSD/arm EABI binaries is supported as well; see
[[!template id=man name="compat_netbsd32" section="8"]].

The port was first committed to the NetBSD source tree as NetBSD/aarch64
on April 1st, 2018.

The original work to do this port was done by Ryo Shimizu, Tohru Nishimura,
Nick Hudson, Jared D. McNeill, and Matt Thomas.

The port is fully functional. It has been tested on single-CPU and
multiprocessor configurations, including big.LITTLE asymmetric multiprocessing.

It is not yet available in a release, and will be available in NetBSD 9.0.

[[!tag tier1port]]

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