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Adjust language to current usage (illumos is a normal word, and
Solarish does not seem to appear elsewhere).

    1: [[!meta title="How to use pkgsrc on illumos-based disttibutions"]]
    3: This page will cover the requirement to bootstrap pkgsrc on illumos-based distributions.  (illumos is the continuation of OpenSolaris.)
    4: [Prebuilt binaries & a repository of packages is provided by Joyent]( so it is not necessary to go through this process unless by choice.
    5: It is assumed that a copy of the pkgsrc files have been [obtained]( and uncompressed, ready to bootstrap.
    7: See also pkgsrc/bootstrap/README.Solaris; this wiki page should probably be merged into that file.
    9: # illumos gcc versions
   11: In 2022, the default compiler is gcc 7.3.
   13: /opt/gcc/$(GCC_VERSION) on Illumos is usually where the patched
   14: version of the compiler - used to build illumos itself - is located.
   15: This will exists only after installing the illumos build environment
   16: (package 'build-essential' on OI, 'illumos-tools' on OmniOS and
   17: 'illumos-build' on Tribblix).  Vanilla GCC instead is normally
   18: installed at /usr/gcc/$(GCC_VERSION) and symlinked to /usr/bin/gcc-*,
   19: with the default alternative being /usr/bin/gcc. Upon installing any
   20: gcc version, it should be already available in $PATH.
   22: # OmniOS
   24: As of 2017, on a freshly installed system the only components needed to bootstrap pkgsrc successfully is GCC, lint, linker object-files and header files.
   26:     # pkg install gcc48 header linker lint object-file header-math
   28: pkgsrc can then be bootstrapped as [normal](
   30: # Tribblix
   32: As of 2017, all that's required is for the `develop` overlay to be installed in order to successfully bootstrap pkgsrc on Tribblix.
   34:     # zap install-overlay develop
   36: # OpenIndiana
   38: As of 2017, on the 151a8 development release of OpenIndiana, the installation of GCC & GNU binutils is required alongside lint, object-files and header files to bootstrap pkgsrc successfully.
   40:     # pkg install illumos-gcc gnu-binutils system/header developer/library/lint object-file header-math
   41:     # PATH=/opt/gcc/4.4.4/bin:/usr/gnu/bin:$PATH pkgsrc/bootstrap/bootstrap
   43: # OpenSXCE
   45: [OpenSXCE has not been updated since 2014.]
   47: As of 2017, comes with all necessary component to bootstrap pkgsrc out of the box, just ensure `PATH` contains the path to GCC & linker `/opt/gcc/4.4.4/bin:/usr/gnu/bin` when performing a system wide install as root. No changes required when performing an [unprivileged bootstrap]( as environment contains necessary settings.

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