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1.2     ! wiki        1: [[!meta title="How to use pkgsrc on Solarish (Illumos based)"]]
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1.1       wiki        3: This page will cover the requirement to bootstrap pkgsrc successfully on Illumos based Solarish systems.  
                      4: [Prebuilt binaries & a repository of packages is provided by Joyent]( so it is not necessary to go through this process unless by choice.  
                      5: It is assumed that a copy of the pkgsrc files have been [obtained]( and uncompressed, ready to bootstrap.
                      7: #OmniOS
                      8: At the time of writing the latest build available was r151012 which had GCC 4.8.x available.  
                     10: On a freshly installed system the only components needed to bootstrap pkgsrc successfully is GCC, lint, linker object-files and header files.
                     12:     # pkg install gcc48 header linker lint object-file header-math
                     14: pkgsrc can then be bootstrapped as [normal](  
                     16: #Tribblix
                     17: All that's required is for the <code>develop</code> overlay to be installed in order to successfully bootstrap pkgsrc on Tribblix.
                     19:     # zap install-overlay develop
                     21: #OpenIndiana
                     22: On the 151a8 development release of OpenIndiana, the installation of GCC & GNU binutils is required alongside lint, object-files and header files to bootstrap pkgsrc successfully.
                     24:     # pkg install illumos-gcc gnu-binutils system/header developer/library/lint object-file header-math
                     25:     # PATH=/opt/gcc/4.4.4/bin:/usr/gnu/bin:$PATH pkgsrc/bootstrap/bootstrap
                     27: #OpenSXCE
                     28: Comes with all necessary component to bootstrap pkgsrc out of the box, just ensure <code>PATH</code> contains the path to GCC & linker <code>/opt/gcc/4.4.4/bin:/usr/gnu/bin</code> when performing a system wide install as root. No changes required when performing an [unprivileged bootstrap]( as environment contains necessary settings.

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