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    1: **This article is a stub. You can help by editing it.**
    3: The file **mk.conf** is the central configuration file for everything that has to do with building software. It is used by the BSD-style *Makefiles* in */usr/share/mk* and especially by [[pkgsrc/pkgsrc]]. Usually, it is found in the */etc* directory. If it doesn't exist there, feel free to create it.
    5: Because all configuration takes place in a single file, there are some variables so the user can choose different configurations based on whether he is building the base system or packages from pkgsrc. These variables are:
    7: * BSD_PKG_MK: Defined when a pkgsrc package is built.
    8: * BUILDING_HTDOCS: Defined when the NetBSD web site is built.
    9: * None of the above: When the base system is built. The file /usr/share/mk/bsd.README is a good place to start in this case. 
   11: A typical **mk.conf** file would look like this:
   12: <pre><code>
   13: # This is /etc/mk.conf
   14: #
   16: .if defined(BSD_PKG_MK) || defined(BUILDING_HTDOCS)
   17: # The following lines apply to both pkgsrc and htdocs.
   19: #...
   20: LOCALBASE=          /usr/pkg
   21: #...
   23: .else
   24: # The following lines apply to the base system.
   26: WARNS= 4
   28: .endif
   29: </code></pre>

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