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    1: You can easily save all of your currently installed NetBSD packages for use on other machines by using pkg_tarup. Here's what to do.
    3: 1. Install pkg_tarup from pkgsrc. ie.. cd /usr/pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkg_tarup ; make install (as root)
    4: 2. Now you can now use pkg_tarup to create a tarball package from any currently installed package. Just do pkg_tarup [packagename] 
    6: Here is an example of how powerful this technique can be. With only a few lines of shell code we can put all the installed packages into a directory:
    7: <pre><code>
    8: cd /var/tmp
    9: mkdir packages
   10: cd packages
   11: for PKGNAME in `pkg_info -e "*" | sort`; do
   12:     echo "Packaging $PKGNAME"
   13:     pkg_tarup -d "." "$PKGNAME" || echo "WARNING: Packaging $PKGNAME failed." 1>&2
   14: done
   15: </code></pre>

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