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 * `PKGSRC_USE_SSP`: enables stack-smashing protection (again, on supported  * `PKGSRC_USE_SSP`: enables stack-smashing protection (again, on supported
   platforms)    platforms)
   # Caveats
   ## Problems with `PKGSRC_MKPIE`
   ### No support for cwrappers
   As of the time of this article `PKGSRC_MKPIE` is not supported by
   `pkgtools/cwrappers` (`USE_CWRAPPERS` in `mk.conf`).
   ### Packages failing to build
   A number of packages may fail to build with this option enabled. The failures
   are often related to the absence of the "-fPIC" compilation flag when building
   libraries or executables (or ideally "-fPIE" in the latter case). This flag is
   added to the `CFLAGS` already, but requires the package to actually support it.
   #### How to fix
   These instructions are meant as a reference only; they likely need to be adapted
   for many packages individually.
   For packages using `Makefiles`:
       MAKE_FLAGS+=        CFLAGS=${CFLAGS:Q}
   For packages using `Imakefiles`:
   ### Run-time crashes
   Some programs may fail to run, or crash at random times once built as PIE. Two
   scenarios are essentially possible:
   * actual bug in the program crashing, exposed thanks to ASLR/mprotect;
   * bug in the implementation of ASLR/mprotect in the Operating System.

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