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    1: # Frequently Asked Questions
    3: ## Is it normal for pkg_add to complain when I use binaries built for NetBSD 5.1 on NetBSD 5.1.2?
    5: Yes. pkgsrc is cross-platform, and there's no general way to distinguish minor revision from major one.
    7: There're many systems that don't handle versions uniformly.
    8: Heuristics are complex and sometimes are really tricky, e.g.
    9: NetBSD 5.1.2 is mostly compatible with NetBSD 5.1, but
   10: NetBSD 5.99.56 may be incompatible with NetBSD 5.99.55.
   11: We cannot embed all relevant knowledge into pkg_add.
   12: That's why you see, e.g.,
   13: <pre>
   14: pkg_add: Warning: package `bc-1.06nb3' was built for a platform:
   15: pkg_add: NetBSD/x86_64 5.1 (pkg) vs. NetBSD/x86_64 5.1.2 (this host)
   16: </pre>
   17: Since you know the versioning scheme of your system (NetBSD in this case)
   18: better than computer, you can handle it better.
   20: Hiding this information instead is wrong since sometimes
   21: incompatibilities (even slight ones) are critical, hence the warning.
   22: If you know that your version is compatible (like in the example above),
   23: you can safely continue using the package until the opposite is demonstrated.

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