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Updating an installed package with pkgsrc

You may wish to also see [[Monitoring package versions]]

Say you have just been notified that dummy-5.1 is now available as dummy-5.2 so you want to update it.

    cd /usr/pkgsrc/*/dummy

Run a make update:

    make update
    ===> Deinstalling for dummy-5.1
    => Becoming ``root to make su-deinstall (/usr/bin/su)
    => Dropping ``root privileges.
    WARNING: Package version dummy-5.1 in /usr/pkgsrc/*/dummy/work
    WARNING: Current version dummy-5.2 in */dummy
    WARNING: Cleaning and rebuilding dummy-5.2
    => Registering installation for dummy-5.2                                                                                                               
    ===> Cleaning for dummy-5.2

Package dummy has now been upgraded from 5.1 to 5.2 

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