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[TXT] How_to_use_pkgsrc_on_Solarish___40__Illumos_based__41__.mdwn 1.6 6 years wiki web commit by schmonz: rename pkgsrc/How_to_use_pkgsrc_on_Solarish___40__Illumos...
[TXT] build_ccache_distcc.mdwn 1.2 12 years imil wrong section
[TXT] how_to_update_a_package_with_pkgsrc.mdwn 1.3 4 years sevan updating packages is covered in the pkgsrc guide.
[TXT] how_to_use_pkgsrc_on_mac_os_x.mdwn 1.3 10 years asau Remove notes on MacOS X. They are useless (all information is in the Guide) and ...
[TXT] monitoring_package_versions.mdwn 1.7 4 years sevan Reduce duplication, this article is covered in the pkgsrc guide.
[TXT] pkgsrc_64bit_osx.mdwn 1.4 4 years sevan Remove legacy instructions on 64bit Darwin, the boostrap process tries to set th...
[TXT] x11.mdwn 1.2 4 years sevan modular xorg is covered in the pkgsrc guide

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