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Line 11  The current version is v4.2 (hg-889) Line 11  The current version is v4.2 (hg-889)
 * DMA: ported (not complete)  * DMA: ported (not complete)
 * PCI config access: complete  * PCI config access: complete
 * PCI mapping: ported to bus_space  * PCI mapping: ported to bus_space
 * INB/OUTB: incomplete (should use bus_space)  * INB/OUTB: incomplete (should use [[!template  id=man name="bus_space" section="9"]])
 * module support: WIP  * module support: WIP
 * Locking: ported  * Locking: ported to [[!template  id=man name="mutex" section="9"]]
 * MALLOC: ported to kmem API  * MALLOC: ported to [[!template  id=man name="kmem" section="9"]]
 * getid: ported to kauth  * getid: ported to [[!template  id=man name="kauth" section="9"]]
 * pkg: incomplete  * pkg: incomplete
 * compat_audio: not yet  * compat_audio: not yet
Line 45  To get it: Line 45  To get it:
 ### How to build it?  ### How to build it?
 <http://www.opensound.com/wiki/index.php/Building_OSSv4_from_source>  <http://www.opensound.com/wiki/index.php/Building_OSSv4_from_source>
   I use this to build modules:
       rm -rf /tmp/ossbuild
       mkdir /tmp/ossbuild
       cd /tmp/ossbuild
       gmake build
       cd prototype/usr/lib/oss/build/
       sh install.sh

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