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Use pkg template to add anchors to ircII and irssi packages

# The Freenode channel #NetBSD-code

This IRC channel was created as a resource for Google Summer of Code students, and expanded as a general resource for people doing programming on NetBSD or pkgsrc, because not only GSoC students can use a hand finding which Fine Manual page will help them with the latest snag on the way to done, or how they should best use an API. Design questions are better discussed on the mailing lists.

 #NetBSD-code is pretty quiet when no-one has a question; that is a feature.

[freenode]( has a list of servers. If you have never used IRC before, start with the Webchat at the Freenode website, and we recommend [[!template id=pkg category="chat" name="ircII"]] or [[!template id=pkg category="chat" name="irssi"]] (both in pkgsrc, try what fits you better) for later.
For general hanging out and meeting the community, join #NetBSD or #pkgsrc instead.

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