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1.1       wiki        1: What is Matrix?
                      2: ===============
                      4: [Matrix]( is a decentralized, federated chat protocol. It supports all modern features that you expect from the likes of Slack, Discord and Telegram and also supports bridges to various other protocols, such as IRC, Slack,  Discord, Telegram and Gitter, to name just a few.
                      6: NetBSD on Matrix
                      7: ================
                      9: NetBSD has a [Space]( on Matrix. However, since Spaces are [still in beta](, you can currently only see the rooms you already joined. Here is a list of all current NetBSD rooms:
                     11: * [NetBSD space](
                     12: * [NetBSD main room](
                     13: * [pkgsrc main room](
1.2       wiki       14: * [Bridged #netbsd IRC channel](
1.1       wiki       15: * [Bridged #pkgsrc IRC channel](
1.2       wiki       16: * [Bridged #netbsd-code IRC channel](
1.1       wiki       17: 
                     18: How do I join?
                     19: ==============
                     21: Using a public server
                     22: ---------------------
                     24: Sign up to any Matrix server and join any or all of the rooms and optionally the Space.
1.2       wiki       26: While []( is a popular server, it is too popular and risks centralization, which also often results in performance problems on that particular server. It is therefore encouraged to sign up on another server, such as []( or []( Some projects such as KDE or Mozilla also run their own server (though operated by the same people as
                     28: Several TNF members do run their own server, so you can also politely ask them if you can have an account on their server.
1.1       wiki       29: 
                     30: Running your own server
                     31: -----------------------
1.2       wiki       33: You can also run your own server. The reference server is called Synapse and is packaged as `chat/matrix-synapse`. Just install it and set it up and you can join any of the rooms. The Element Web client is also packaged as `chat/element-web`, so you  can self-host that, too.

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