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## Requirements

A list of requirements for a possible replacement for CVS as repo software for NetBSD and pkgsrc so we don't keep starting over listing these (and forgetting half) all of the time:

- the license would be nice to be BSDish, must be open source and free to use
- the software should be includeable in NetBSD base without too much excess baggage
- it should be possible to do development on old or small hardware
- it must support automated updating of source trees
- it must support branches
- there should be a conversion for the present history (that actually works)
- the resulting repository must not break easily
- the software should be reasonably mature and reliable
- checkout of a pkgsrc tree must be feasible on a 32MB system
- checkout of a stable pkgsrc tree and then updating select package subdirs to the latest version of the main branch should be possible
- lasting removal of legally tainted code must be possible

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## Experiences in using the software

### Experiences with git

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### Experiences with Subversion

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## Conversion experiences

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