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 ## Experiences in using the software  ## Experiences in using the software
   ### Experiences with Fossil
   #### Aleksej Saushev (asau)
   I started using it before conversion tool were available
   (basically it isn't available yet, to my knowledge Joerg is working on it),
   in addition I wanted to start as soon as possible
   and to try operation with no conversion tool available.
   Thus I've tried to simulate working with "vendor branches".
   For now Fossil lacks some essential features and has other severe problems:
   1. No support for vendor branches.
   1. It is impossible to merge between trees growing from the very root.
   The initial commit is too special, this prevents using these trees for vendor branches.
   1. There's no support for importing vendor source,
   even "addremove" command isn't in trunk at the time of writing.
   1. Merge state sticks. You can't undo it.
   1. You can't amend your source when you've just merged, you are forced to commit after merge.
   1. You can't tune diff command to ignore RCS keywords.
   1. You can't diff single file between two given versions.
   1. There's no way to change commit messages.
   1. There's no documented way to select commit messages of current branch, or branch by given commit id.
   Or there's a bug preventing it.
   1. Commands are underdocumented, usage messages don't list many available options.
   This applies to trunk at least, there's a branch that states documentation as its goal.
   1. There's no convenient way to look at commit contents: files affected, diff.
   Some of above problems are reported.
   Note, all problems above are usability problems, I didn't explore e.g. scalability,
   Joerg did and had problems, but this is another story.
 ### Experiences with git  ### Experiences with git
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