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The system is in use, but has various tasks left to do to be complete as its reference implementation.

A TODO file with the light-desktop package provides the list of dependencies and status. <>   (other dependency packages have TODO files too)

The key tasks to do now are:

* update pcmanfm (currently using wip version but has bugs)
* include all on a LiveCD
* GUI around pkgin
* complete the netbsd-light-desktop-artwork package
* complete the netbsd-icon-theme package
* split nautilus into nautilus-extensions which is used by gnome-system-tools
* test the gnome-system-tools (including superuser access via GUI)
* test system-config-printer-gnome
* package guvcview  (but is very Linux specific so test mplayer or xine with tv://)
* package chromium (use firefox for now)
* package software-properties-gtk
* package xfburn
* port simple-scan (it uses udev) or find alternative
* package xfce4-power-manager or alternative
* package network-manager-gnome or alternative (using dhcpcd-gtk for now) 
* test lightdm or lxdm)

## Upstream Bugs ##

Several bugs were found and reported to the upstream maintainers:

* setresgid and setresuid not portable <>
* what g_open version? <>
* clearenv not portable <>
* right click in menu stays open <>
* pcmanfm high cpu when ran twice <>
* lxappearance doesn't start  <>
* pcmanfm crash with my custom .desktop file <>
* lxpanel abort pthread_mutex_unlock <>
  * workaround in glib2 until fixed <>
* lxsession-edit core dump on exit <>
* lxsession-logout doesn't stop lxde <>

### Closed bugs ###

* PAM_XAUTHDATA and PAM_XDISPLAY not defined  <>
* LC_ALL needs locale.h <>
* SIGPOLL undeclared <>
* no pcmanfm file change monitoring <>
  * solved ... needed glib2 component and famd started

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