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    1: [[!comment format=mdwn
    2:  username="silasdb@0d2e694871d5a513ea916e0bd9c87d6ad7a6e29b"
    3:  nickname="silasdb"
    4:  subject="Lenovo ThinkPad T440"
    5:  date="2016-03-25T23:13:27Z"
    6:  content="""
    7: To install NetBSD from the USB images provided from the site, it is necessary to enable \"UEFI/Legacy Boot\" and to change the \"UEFI/Legacy Boot Priority\" to \"Legacy First\". Also, Enable the \"USB UEFI BIOS Support\" and disable \"USB 3.0 Mode\".
    9: After booting the USB image but before installing everything, you may want to switch back to MBR (instead of GPT).  To do this, drop to the shell prompt and delete GPT from the drives:
   11:     gpt destroy wd0
   12:     gpt destroy wd1
   14: What works: X11 (with new DRM/KMS work), audio, SSD and HDD, trackpoint, keyboard backlight (doesn't seem to depend on OS drivers). What doesn't work: onboard wireless (buy a cheap USB wireless adapter), suspend/hibernate/resume, special function keys (turn up/down volume, etc.).
   16: The new Synaptic Trackpad works with basic functions. Cursor movement and left click only.
   18: Tried with NetBSD 7.0.
   19: """]]

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