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Line 54  Install the system in a virtual machine, Line 54  Install the system in a virtual machine,
 [[!template  id=programlisting text="""  [[!template  id=programlisting text="""
  $ cd ..   $ cd ..
  $ anita --workdir work --disk-size 4G --memory-size 256M \   $ anita --workdir work --disk-size 8G --memory-size 256M \
      --sets kern-GENERIC,modules,base,etc,comp,debug,games,man,misc,tests,text,syssrc,src,sharesrc,gnusrc \       --sets kern-GENERIC,modules,base,etc,comp,debug,games,man,misc,tests,text,syssrc,src,sharesrc,gnusrc \
      install $(pwd)/obj/releasedir/i386/       install $(pwd)/obj/releasedir/i386/
 """]]  """]]
Line 113  with full debug symbols and access to th Line 113  with full debug symbols and access to th
 """]]  """]]
 If the stack trace prints very slowly (like 30 seconds per stack  If the stack trace prints very slowly (like 30 seconds per stack
 frame), it's likely because you are using a version of qemu where  frame), you are probably using an old version of qemu that fails
 the user-mode networking code fails to disable the Nagle algorithm.  to disable the Nagle algorithm.
 This is fixed in the qemu in pkgsrc, but you may run into it if your  
 qemu is not installed via pkgsrc.  
 ## Qemu tips  ## Qemu tips

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