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 Check "Remember this password in my keychain" to make future Kerberos  Check "Remember this password in my keychain" to make future Kerberos
 logins (sans input redirection) prompt-free.  logins (sans input redirection) prompt-free.
   ### Storing the Kerberos Password in Your Keychain
   Let us say you have an account "bob" on the realm "NETBSD.ORG" with password "mypasswd". Then in a Terminal type on one single line
       security add-generic-password -a "bob" -l "NETBSD.ORG (bob)" -s "NETBSD.ORG" -w "mypasswd" -c "aapl" -T "/usr/bin/kinit"
   This will create an item in your default Keychain named "NETBSD.ORG (bob)" with your Kerberos credentials and kinit it will be authorized to access it. You can add as many -T "/fulpath/program" switches as you want, each will give access to the specific program to use your kerberos credentials. For example -T "/Applications/Mail.app/Contents/MacOS/Mail" will add access for Mail.app.
   More details with man security.
   After that kinit bob@NETBSD.ORG will not prompt you for a password but will get it from the keychain.
   (This tip is orignally from [superuser.com](http://superuser.com/questions/360262/integrate-kerberos-and-keychain))
 ## Windows XP  ## Windows XP

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