Annotation of wikisrc/individual-software-releases/libbsdnet.mdwn, revision 1.2

1.1       wiki        1: 
                      2: The libbsdnet suite provides functions and documentation for communicating     
                      3: with domain name servers, retrieving network host entries from
                      4: /etc/hosts or via DNS, converting CIDR network addresses, performing
                      5: Hesiod information lookups, retrieving network entries from
                      6: /etc/networks, implementing TSIG transaction/request security of
                      7: DNS messages, performing name-to-address and address-to-name
                      8: translations, and utilizing /etc/resolv.conf for resolver configuration.
                     10: Historically, much of the code is derived from the CSRG BSD distributions, such
1.2     ! wiki       11: as the old BSD gethostbyname() API.  It was previously also maintained by ISC and distributed with BIND
1.1       wiki       12: and libbind.  The handoff of the maintainership from ISC to NetBSD happened in July 2013.

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