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#### {i} [[Sitemap|wiki/sitemap]]

The NetBSD wiki is a place where NetBSD developers can write or host less formal content, experiment with converting the existing website into a new CMS, and get content published immediately about anything they happen to be doing.

See the [[Sitemap|wiki/sitemap]] for the complete contents, or use some of the top level topics below.

Send patches/improvements/suggestions/critiques to [](, or to any NetBSD developer you happen to find.

## Contents

* [[/dev/null|dev/null]]  -- An experimental weblog used by [marketing@](
* [[events]] -- NetBSD related events will be listed here
* [[blog]] -- Weblog
* [[Tutorials]] -- Some quick-and-dirty guides & ports from the previous user wiki
* [[Projects]] -- The big list of work.  Get hacking!
* [[pkgsrc]] -- pkgsrc docs
* [[amazon_ec2]] -- NetBSD on amazon's EC2
* [[releng]] -- release engineering
* [[Users]] -- developer sandbox pages
* [[Community|community]] -- known community resources
* [[Ports]] -- NetBSD on your hardware

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