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Shuffle wiki actions around a bit to make room for "New". Move the
add-new-page-entitled form there.

    1: [[!template id=note text="""
    2: #### (?) [[How to edit|wiki/start]]
    3: #### {*} [[Wiki news|wiki/news]]
    4: #### {i} [[Sitemap|wiki/sitemap]]
    5: """]]
    7: If you're here because []( ([static mirror]( has
    8: shut down, welcome. Took us by surprise, too; we'd hoped for a
    9: smooth transition rather than an arbitrary deadline. Alas, it's not
   10: in the cards. We ask for your patience as we work our way down [[the
   11: wiki todo list|wiki/todo]] as best we can.
   13: As an official service of The NetBSD Project, you can count on the
   14: long-term stability of this wiki. We'd love to have your help
   15: building it. We'll be ready for you soon.
   17: [[!meta robots="noindex, nofollow"]]

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