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 #### (!) [[Quick start|wiki/start]]  #### (?) [[How to edit|wiki/start]]
   #### {*} [[Wiki news|wiki/news]]
   #### {i} [[Sitemap|wiki/sitemap]]
 """]]  """]]
 Welcome to the NetBSD wiki!  # Where NetBSD Developers Speak Up
    /!\ Please note this wiki is still under heavy construction.    The NetBSD wiki is a place where NetBSD developers can write or host less formal content, experiment with converting the existing website into a new CMS, and get content published immediately about anything they happen to be doing.
 Content editing is currently restricted to NetBSD developers.    
 In the near future, it will also be opened to users.    See the [[Sitemap|wiki/sitemap]] for the complete contents, or use some of the top level topics below.
 In the meantime, please refer to [wiki.netbsd.se](http://wiki.netbsd.se/) for up to date content.  
   Send patches/improvements/suggestions/critiques to [www@netbsd.org](mailto:www@netbsd.org), or to any NetBSD developer you happen to find.
 When all the necessary [[wiki/todo]] items are completed, we'll make a public  
 <!-- until then... -->  ## Contents
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   * [[/dev/null|dev/null]]  -- An experimental weblog used by [marketing@](mailto:marketing@netbsd.org)
 [[!inline  * [[events]] -- NetBSD related events will be listed here
 pages="empty and pagespec"  * [[blog]] -- Weblog
 feeds=no  * [[Tutorials]] -- Some quick-and-dirty guides & ports from the previous user wiki
 rootpage="/"  * [[Projects]] -- The big list of work.  Get hacking!
 postform=yes  * [[pkgsrc]] -- pkgsrc docs
 postformtext="Add a new page entitled:"  * [[amazon_ec2]] -- NetBSD on amazon's EC2
 ]]  * [[releng]] -- release engineering
   * [[Users]] -- developer sandbox pages
 #### [[!toggle id="sitemap" text="Wiki sitemap"]]  * [[Community|community]] -- known community resources
 [[!toggleable id="sitemap" text="""  * [[Ports]] -- NetBSD on your hardware
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