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 [[!template id=note text="""  [[!template id=note text="""
 #### Getting started:  #### (?) [[How to edit|wiki/start]]
   #### {*} [[Wiki news|wiki/news]]
   #### {i} [[Sitemap|wiki/sitemap]]
 7. Edit via [[wiki/cvs]] or [[wiki/web]].  This will be the official wiki of The NetBSD Project. You can count
 7. Play in the [[SandBox]] (or read [[FormattingHelp|ikiwiki/formatting]]).  on its long-term stability. We'd love to have your help building
 7. Create yourself a [[users]] page.  it, and we'll be ready for you soon.
 7. Write whatever you like, wherever you like.  
 --[[schmonz]]  I estimate that [[two solid weekends of my time|wiki/todo]] should
 """]]  be enough to push it out the door and make a public announcement.
   In the meantime, if you have commit access, you can start editing
   this wiki right now. See instructions at right. --[[schmonz]]
 Welcome to the NetBSD developer wiki! Only NetBSD developers can  ## Contents
 edit. Anyone can read; when there's enough useful content we'll  
 make a public announcement.  
 #### [[!toggle id="sitemap" text="Wiki sitemap"]]  [[Tutorials]] | [[Users]] | [[Projects]]
 [[!toggleable id="sitemap" text="""  
 [[!map pages="* and !recentchanges and !*popup* and !popup/* and !*.ico and !*.js and !*.css and !*.png and !*.gif"]]  
 <!-- until we're ready for public consumption -->  
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