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 Welcome to the official NetBSD wiki!  Welcome to the official NetBSD wiki!
 As we are in a phase of transition from the older wiki.netbsd.se to  If you're here because [wiki.netbsd.se](http://wiki.netbsd.se/) is
 the new and official wiki.netbsd.org wiki, content editing is currently  about to shut down, welcome. Took us by surprise, too; we'd hoped
 restricted to NetBSD developers.    for a smooth transition rather than an arbitrary deadline. Alas,
   it's not in the cards. We ask for your patience as we work our way
   down [[the wiki todo list|wiki/todo]] as best we can.
   As an official service of The NetBSD Project, you can count on the
   long-term stability of this wiki. We'd love to have your help
   building it. Please bear with us until we're ready for you.
 [[!meta robots="noindex, nofollow"]]  [[!meta robots="noindex, nofollow"]]

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