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 [[!template id=note text="""  [[!template id=note text="""
 #### Quick start:  #### (?) [[How to edit|wiki/start]]
   #### {*} [[Wiki news|wiki/news]]
   #### {i} [[Sitemap|wiki/sitemap]]
 7. Edit via [[wiki/cvs]] or [[wiki/web]].  The NetBSD wiki is a place where NetBSD developers can write or host less formal content, experiment with converting the existing website into a new CMS, and get content published immediately about anything they happen to be doing.
 7. Play in the [[SandBox]] (or read [[FormattingHelp|ikiwiki/formatting]]).  
 7. Create yourself a [[users]] page.  
 7. Write whatever you like, wherever you like.  
 [[Detailed start|wiki/start]]  See the [[Sitemap|wiki/sitemap]] for the complete contents, or use some of the top level topics below.
 Welcome to the NetBSD wiki!  Send patches/improvements/suggestions/critiques to [www@NetBSD.org](mailto:www@NetBSD.org), or to any NetBSD developer you happen to find.
    /!\ Please note this wiki is still under heavy construction.    
 Content editing is currently restricted to NetBSD developers.    ## Contents
 In the near future, it will also be opened to users.    
 In the meantime, please refer to [wiki.netbsd.se](http://wiki.netbsd.se/) for up to date content.  * [[Events|events]] -- NetBSD related events are listed here
   * [[Summits]] -- Stories from past NetBSD Developer summits
 When all the necessary [[wiki/todo]] items are completed, we'll make a public  * [[Tutorials]] -- Guides & Docs (some from the former user-wiki)
 announcement.  * [[Features]] -- Features of the NetBSD Operating System
 <!-- until then... -->  * [[Projects]] -- The big list of work. Get hacking!
 [[!meta robots="noindex, nofollow"]]  * [[pkgsrc]] -- pkgsrc docs - The NetBSD package manager
   * [[releng]] -- Release engineering
 [[!inline  * [[Security|security]] -- Security features and hardening
 pages="empty and pagespec"  * [[Users]] -- Developer sandbox pages
 feeds=no  * [[GitHub|github]] -- NetBSD on GitHub
 rootpage="/"  * [[Amazon EC2|amazon_ec2]] -- NetBSD on amazon's EC2
 postform=yes  * [[Laptops|laptops]] -- Information about laptop hardware support
 postformtext="Add a new page entitled:"  * [[Ports]] -- NetBSD on your hardware
 #### [[!toggle id="sitemap" text="Wiki sitemap"]]  
 [[!toggleable id="sitemap" text="""  
 [[!map pages="* and !recentchanges and !*popup* and !popup/* and !*.ico and !*.js and !*.css and !*.png and !*.gif"]]  

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