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 --[[schmonz]]  --[[schmonz]]
 """]]  """]]
 Welcome to the NetBSD wiki! Only NetBSD developers can  Welcome to the NetBSD wiki!
 edit. Anyone can read; when there's enough useful content and  
 we've completed enough [[wiki/todo]] items, we'll  Please note this wiki is still under heavy construction.
 make a public announcement.  As of today, content edition is restricted to NetBSD developers. 
   In a near future, it will also be opened to users to add new pages.
   In the meantime, please refer to wiki.netbsd.se for up to date content.
   When all the necessary [[wiki/todo]] items are completed, we'll make a public
 [[!inline  [[!inline
 pages="empty and pagespec"  pages="empty and pagespec"

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