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    1: # Hackathon 15
    3: The 15th NetBSD hackathon will be run from August 10th to August 15th.
    4: This time, it's a documentation hackathon ('docathon'), our main
    5: focus is improving the NetBSD documentation and advertising.
    7: Join us on the IRC channel #netbsd-code on freenode (
    8: Just join, have a look around and ask your questions or what work needs to be done.
   10: There's also a thread on netbsd-users, just drop a mail if you're interested.
   12: Additionally, this hackathon will be held parallel to the CCC camp (
   13: Some NetBSD people will be there and expressed interest in a meeting.
   14: Mail to the list if you're interested in the meeting, or contact
   15: via Jabber ( or in IRCNet/Freenode (nick: gnrp).
   18: ## Primary goals
   20: We see four main goals one could achieve within five days with enough manpower:
   22: 1. Update and complete the several guides we have.
   23: The NetBSD guide could have some updates (e.g. one could write about npf,
   24: or write one guide for it on its own).
   25: The internals guide has many XXXs in it, too, and the part about regression
   26: testing is factually empty, and perhaps could need one guide on its own.
   28: 2. The wiki needs some work on it.
   29: The old wiki needs to be migrated completely into the new one.
   31: 3. NetBSD could need some new advertising material. Anyone good in writing
   32: texts can make new texts for the current flyers, and if you're good with
   33: inkscape and scribus, creating one or two posters for exhibitions would be
   34: nice, too.
   36: 4. Minor improvements (working on manpages), thinking about versioning the
   37: documentation, address some topics that was not written about before.
   40: ## Possible topics
   42: There were several suggestions on what could be done, so here are topics
   43: somebody wanted to be addressed:
   45: ### Working on guides
   46:  * Create a list of notebooks and netbooks running NetBSd, what is missing
   47:    with them and what is running. This page could suit well into the wiki
   48:    where it is editable by more people.
   49:  * genfs, fifofs, layerfs and specfs actually have no manpages and nearly no
   50:    documentation. Documenting them would be good for writing new FSs.
   51:  * Look into internals guide. Every chapter (except for five) has XXXs in it
   52:    or misses fundamental information.
   53:  * Regression testing needs to be documented. It has a chapter in the
   54:    internals guide, but I want to stress this topic, as it is important for
   55:    people new to developing with NetBSD.
   56:  * The Xen-howto could be updated (
   57:    might be a good source).
   58:  * Write an introduction for people coming from Linux and migrating to
   59:    NetBSD, the main differences to consider, etc.
   60:  * Create an npf guide (similarly to the PF user's guide
   61: This doesn't need to be as lengthy
   62:    as the OpenBSD one, but having one would be nice.
   63:    This can also be addressed in the guide's chapter concerning firewalls.
   64:  * The pkgsrc guide could also need updates. Additionally, it would be good
   65:    for people new to pkgsrc if the way make works and how dependencies are
   66:    automatically resolved would be documented in the guide.
   67:    That would make it much easier for people who want to contribute.
   68:  * Write an example on how to migrate NetBSD to a new platform.
   69:  * Gather and actualize bluetooth information. The chapter in the guide could
   70:    be updated.
   71:  * Write an article on how to contribute. At the moment, there is
   72:, but having a guide on how NetBSD
   73:    development really works, where the code lies and how e.g. the website
   74:    is made (it took me weeks to figure out where the website lies), etc. would
   75:    be good.
   77: ### wiki
   78:  * [[Migrate articles from the old user wiki to the new one.|wiki/todo/]]
   79:  * Design a new wiki frontpage and think about how to order the wiki. The old
   80:    user wiki had a pretty nice one.
   81:  * Create a site for 'general tips' related to NetBSD that don't really fit
   82:    into any other category.
   83:  * Think of an easier way for new users (non-developers) to contribute to the
   84:    wiki. At the moment, the way with getting an OpenID, writing a mail,
   85:    waiting for creation and activation is long and difficult.
   86:    One could e.g. think about having a simple NetBSD OpenID-server (SimpleID
   87:    is quite nice for that) and a registration form so that you don't have to
   88:    dig through OpenID first to get an account.
   90: ### advertising material
   91:  * Work out posters (potentially A0) for exhibitions. Anybody fond with
   92:    inkscape, scribus and design could do great work on that!
   93:  * Work over the advertising materials, the exiting can be seen here:
   95:    They have nice designs, but are fairly outdated and don't really outline
   96:    what NetBSDs benefits are.
   97:  * Design new wallpapers. NetBSD needs nice wallpapers for your desktop. ;)
   99: ### miscellanous documentation
  100:  * pcap(3) could need cross-links (e.g. pcap_next and pcap_next_ex).
  101:  * Work over vfs(9) and vnode(9) (some functions missing), and insert them
  102:    into the internals guide.
  103:  * Work through the packages in pkgsrc/x11 and xsrc and document
  104:    correspondences and version numbers there. This is important for working
  105:    on pkgsrc's Xorg.
  106:  * Update the pages for possible projects and bounties, and think of some
  107:    infrastructure on how to make it easily appendable. Currently, there are
  108:    three pages for that issue:,
  109: and
  111:    I think, merging them all into one with a good table for all would be
  112:    possible, also coming up with new and gathering existing ideas and
  113:    contributing them.

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