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irst draft of announcement for hackathon 16.

# Hackathon 16

The 16th NetBSD hackathon will be run from February 10th to February 12th.
Our goal is fixing all the bugs that needs fixing to get
[[NetBSD-current|]] ready for the
creation of the NetBSD 6.0 release branch.

Join us on the IRC channel #netbsd-code on freenode (
Just join, have a look around and ask your questions or what work needs to
be done.

## Primary goals

We want NetBSD 6.0 to be the best NetBSD release ever. There are already
a lot of great features in it:

* Improved kernel performance and scalibity
* New kernel module framework with automatic module loading
* Logic Volume Manager
* NetBSD Packet Filter
* Xen SMP support
* Flash file-system CHFS
* Automated Regression Testing
* Improved FUSE support
* Updated Linux emulation
* GCC 4.5.3
* Updated X11 distribution
* SMTP authentication client built into Postfix (now version 2.8.7)
* New and enhanced drivers
* ... and many other features

To make sure that NetBSD users get the best possible experience of
the new release we would like to fix as many as possible of the
following bugs:

Critical bugs:
* [[PR 45677|]]: The stress_killer test sometimes does
* [[PR 45708|]]: Unable to read big files from large FFSv2 (12TB), ls out of swap
* [[PR 44788|]]: mlock(2) panic
* [[PR 45187|]]: select(2) sometimes doesn't wakeup
* [[PR 45833|]]: occasional crash of 5.99.59: SPL NOT LOWERED ON TRAP EXIT

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