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 # Hackathon 15  # Hackathon 16
 The 15th NetBSD hackathon will be run from August 10th through August 14th.  The 16th NetBSD hackathon will be run from February 10th to February 12th.
 This time, it's a documentation hackathon ('docathon'), our main  Our goal is fixing all the bugs that needs fixing to get
 focus is improving the NetBSD documentation and advertising.  [[NetBSD-current|http://www.NetBSD0.org/docs/current/]] ready for the
   creation of the NetBSD 6.0 release branch.
 Join us on the IRC channel #netbsd-code on freenode (irc.freenode.net).  Join us on the IRC channel #netbsd-code on freenode (irc.freenode.net).
 Just join, have a look around and ask your questions or what work needs to be done.  Just join, have a look around and ask your questions or what work needs to
   be done.
 There's also a thread on netbsd-users, just drop a mail if you're interested.  
 Additionally, this hackathon will be held parallel to the CCC camp (http://camp.ccc.de).  
 Some NetBSD people will be there and expressed interest in a meeting.  
 Mail to the list if you're interested in the meeting, or contact  
 via Jabber (prng@jabber.in-berlin.de) or in IRCNet/Freenode (nick: gnrp).  
 ## Primary goals  ## Primary goals
 We see four main goals one could achieve within five days with enough manpower:  We want NetBSD 6.0 to be the best NetBSD release ever. There are already
   a lot of great features in it:
 1. Update and complete the several guides we have.  * Improved kernel performance and scalibity
 The NetBSD guide could have some updates (e.g. one could write about npf,  * New kernel module framework with automatic module loading
 or write one guide for it on its own).  * Logic Volume Manager
 The internals guide has many XXXs in it, too, and the part about regression  * NetBSD Packet Filter
 testing is factually empty, and perhaps could need one guide on its own.  * Xen SMP support
   * Flash file-system CHFS
 2. The wiki needs some work on it.  * Automated Regression Testing
 The old wiki needs to be migrated completely into the new one.  * Improved FUSE support
   * Updated Linux emulation
 3. NetBSD could need some new advertising material. Anyone good in writing  * GCC 4.5.3
 texts can make new texts for the current flyers, and if you're good with  * Updated X.org X11 distribution
 inkscape and scribus, creating one or two posters for exhibitions would be  * SMTP authentication client built into Postfix (now version 2.8.7)
 nice, too.  * New and enhanced drivers
   * ... and many other features
 4. Minor improvements (working on manpages), thinking about versioning the  
 documentation, address some topics that was not written about before.  To make sure that NetBSD users get the best possible experience of
   the new release we would like to fix as many as possible of the
   following bugs:
 ## Possible topics  
   Critical bugs:
 There were several suggestions on what could be done, so here are topics  * [[PR 45677|http://gnats.NetBSD.org/45677]]: The stress_killer test sometimes does
 somebody wanted to be addressed:  * [[PR 45708|http://gnats.NetBSD.org/45708]]: Unable to read big files from large FFSv2 (12TB), ls out of swap
   * [[PR 44788|http://gnats.NetBSD.org/44788]]: mlock(2) panic
 ### Working on guides  * [[PR 45187|http://gnats.NetBSD.org/45187]]: select(2) sometimes doesn't wakeup
  * Create a list of notebooks and netbooks running NetBSD, what is missing  * [[PR 45833|http://gnats.NetBSD.org/45833]]: occasional crash of 5.99.59: SPL NOT LOWERED ON TRAP EXIT
    with them and what is running. This page could suit well into the wiki  
    where it is editable by more people.  
  * genfs, fifofs, layerfs and specfs actually have no manpages and nearly no  
    documentation. Documenting them would be good for writing new FSs.  
  * Look into internals guide. Every chapter (except for five) has XXXs in it  
    or misses fundamental information.  
  * Regression testing needs to be documented. It has a chapter in the  
    internals guide, but I want to stress this topic, as it is important for  
    people new to developing with NetBSD.  
  * The Xen-howto could be updated (http://www.lumbercartel.ca/library/xen/  
    might be a good source).  
    LumberCartel has permitted the use of his document,  
    don't forget to give credit and backlink to his pages.  
  * Write an introduction for people coming from Linux and migrating to  
    NetBSD, the main differences to consider, etc.  
  * Create an npf guide (similarly to the PF user's guide  
    http://openbsd.org/faq/pf/index.html). This doesn't need to be as lengthy  
    as the OpenBSD one, but having one would be nice.  
    This can also be addressed in the guide's chapter concerning firewalls.  
  * The pkgsrc guide could also need updates. Additionally, it would be good  
    for people new to pkgsrc if the way make works and how dependencies are  
    automatically resolved would be documented in the guide.  
    That would make it much easier for people who want to contribute.  
  * Write an example on how to migrate NetBSD to a new platform.  
  * Gather and actualize bluetooth information. The chapter in the guide could  
    be updated.  
  * Write an article on how to contribute. At the moment, there is  
    http://www.netbsd.org/contrib/, but having a guide on how NetBSD  
    development really works, where the code lies and how e.g. the website  
    is made (it took me weeks to figure out where the website lies), etc. would  
    be good.  
 ### wiki  
  * [[Migrate articles from the old user wiki to the new one.|wiki/todo/migrate_content_from_wiki.netbsd.se]]  
  * [[Describe your laptop.|laptops]]  
  * Design a new wiki frontpage and think about how to order the wiki. The old  
    user wiki had a pretty nice one.  
  * Create a site for 'general tips' related to NetBSD that don't really fit  
    into any other category.  
  * Think of an easier way for new users (non-developers) to contribute to the  
    wiki. At the moment, the way with getting an OpenID, writing a mail,  
    waiting for creation and activation is long and difficult.  
    One could e.g. think about having a simple NetBSD OpenID-server (SimpleID  
    is quite nice for that) and a registration form so that you don't have to  
    dig through OpenID first to get an account.  
 ### advertising material  
  * Work out posters (potentially A0) for exhibitions. Anybody fond with  
    inkscape, scribus and design could do great work on that!  
  * Work over the advertising materials, the exiting can be seen here:  
    They have nice designs, but are fairly outdated and don't really outline  
    what NetBSDs benefits are.  
  * Design new wallpapers. NetBSD needs nice wallpapers for your desktop. ;)  
  * Write convincing arguments to counter this: http://slonik-v-domene.livejournal.com/98273.html (in Russian,  
    ask some Russian to translate it or do it yourself).  
    Check criticism, identify drawbacks, suggest improvements.  
 ### miscellanous documentation  
  * pcap(3) could need cross-links (e.g. pcap_next and pcap_next_ex).  
  * Work over vfs(9) and vnode(9) (some functions missing), and insert them  
    into the internals guide.  
  * Work through the packages in pkgsrc/x11 and xsrc and document  
    correspondences and version numbers there. This is important for working  
    on pkgsrc's Xorg.  
  * Update the pages for possible projects and bounties, and think of some  
    infrastructure on how to make it easily appendable. Currently, there are  
    three pages for that issue: http://wiki.netbsd.org/projects/,  
    http://wiki-static.aydogan.net/Bounties ([[check this|wiki/todo/migrate_content_from_wiki.netbsd.se]]) and  
    I think, merging them all into one with a good table for all would be  
    possible, also coming up with new and gathering existing ideas and  
    contributing them.  

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