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1.1       jdf         1: # How to install GRUB2 on NetBSD
                      3: This how-to explains the steps needed to install GRUB2 on an existing i386/AMD64
1.3     ! gutterid    4: NetBSD installation. The steps should work on a properly chroot'ed system too.
1.1       jdf         5: Tested on NetBSD 6.0 AMD64:
                      7: First of all, either download the package, using `pkgin install grub2`, or build 
                      8: it yourself from package sources (`/usr/pkgsrc/sysutils/grub2`).
                     10: After that, generate a GRUB configuration file, which tells GRUB the positions 
                     11: of the operating system(s). The following command will generate such a file, 
1.3     ! gutterid   12: while adding your NetBSD system into its list.
1.1       jdf        13: 
                     14:     # grub-mkconfig -o /grub/grub.cfg
                     16: Now, install GRUB into your hard drive's master boot record (MBR).
1.3     ! gutterid   17: You have to know its device name for this step (e.g. `/dev/rwd0a`).
1.2       jdf        18: Exchange `/dev/rwd0a` with your desired device name, then change `/dev/rXXXa` 
1.1       jdf        19: to `/dev/rwXXXd` to access the raw disk, as in the following example:
                     21:     Device name :   /dev/rwd0a
                     22:     Direct access : /dev/rwd0d
                     24: The appropriate `grub-install` command for this drive would be:
                     26:     # grub-install --no-floppy /dev/rwd0d
                     28: Hopefully, it should return : `Installation finished. No error reported.`
                     29: If it does so, simply reboot the system and you should be greeted by a nice
                     30: OS-selector.
                     31: If not, recheck your device names, if that doesn't fix it, search the web for 
                     32: the error message.
1.3     ! gutterid   33: Even though there aren't that many resources about *GRUB on NetBSD*, you'll
1.1       jdf        34: find a lot of information at GNU/Linux-related sites which apply to this 
                     35: scenario as well.

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