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1.1     ! wiki        1: [[!comment format=mdwn
        !             2:  username=""
        !             3:  nickname="sigo"
        !             4:  subject="Microsoft's Github disruptive policy changes"
        !             5:  date="2020-09-12T04:41:18Z"
        !             6:  content="""
        !             7: The day MS exerted control over Github, things went south there, and developers started to flee like hostages from the hub, and for good reason. Before long, MS had killed tons of accounts never ever stating any reasons, just as usual with M$, seemingly. Therefore, people quit github in droves even more so, and justifiedly so.
        !             8: 
        !             9: Ever since, MS has hyperagressively enforced more disruptive policy changes against the userbase of
        !            10: 
        !            11: Why NetBSD still plays the MS game, is beyond many open source enthusiasts. Do they enjoy this kind of abuse by the side of MS ?
        !            12: """]]

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