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[[!meta title="GitHub"]]

# NetBSD at GitHub

## Official

NetBSD developers maintain GitHub presence at <>.

The `src`, `xsrc` and `pkgsrc` repositories, each as a read-only copy,
have been available under <> since 2017-06:
* [2017-06: New home for the repository conversion](//

Prior to 2017-06, an earlier generation of the export has been available 
under since [2011-07](//, 
which has been deprecated and discontinued in 2017-07 with the move to @NetBSD.

The export is maintained by `joerg@` and performed through an intermediate step of
converting the repositories from CVS into Fossil, which has been the process since 2011:
* [2011-10: EuroBSDcon: Fossilizing NetBSD: The road to modern version control](
* [[mailing-lists/tech-repository]]
* [[projects/project/cvs-migration]]

The core team has provided a statement on version control systems in 2015:
* [2015-01: Core statement on version control systems](
* [[gitsofar]]


## Unofficial

Additionally, an independent export of the src tree from CVS directly into Git is performed by IIJ at <>.


## GitHub Forks

* <>
* <>
* <>

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